“Outside of a dog a book is mans best friend. Inside of a dog its too dark to read”

– Groucho Marx

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  1. To make a booking check availability using the link on the left. Then please send us either an email  or follow the link to to contact us.  We will be happy send you a Booking Form.
  2. A Deposit will secure you pets stay, Please refer to our T&C’s page for further important information regarding bookings.
  3. Deposits are payable by Bank Transfer; 09-01-53  86703981 Ref; Pets Name
  4. Bank Transfer is for Deposits Only! Please pay boarding fee balance by Cash or Cheque.
  5. Bookings will only be confirmed by email after receipt of a Deposit being paid.

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GDPR - Personal & Privacy Data

Terms & Conditions

Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 & Animal Boarding Establishment Act 1963 Whitley Crest Ltd is required to hold certain personal data on our customers in order to care for their pets and liaise with vet practices. Under the GDPR we are required to take care of such data to keep it safe.

When you make a booking with Whitley Crest Ltd, you are entering into a contract with us, in order to properly perform our side of the contract we need to record details relating to you and your pet(s). We will take reasonable care of your personal data and only process it fairly and lawfully under the terms of the GDPR.

  • Your Contact details e.g. name, address, phone numbers & email address.
  • Details of your pets e.g. names, breed, age, vaccination status and any other veterinary details that we feel necessary.
  • We keep details of any booking you make or data for a minimum of 2 years post date of stay, maximum 6 years from last stay.
  • Our website collects cookies to manage your visit.
  • We do not collect any information which is classified as “sensitive” personal information.

We do not collect information about you from third parties.

We only collect and use information which is personal to you when it is necessary, fair and lawful to do so. We will collect and use your information only as detailed below.

  • You have provided us with information we need to be able to properly manage your bookings and the boarding of your pets.
  • Should you decide not to provide us with appropriate contact details etc, we will be unable to provide you with a boarding service.
  • Your email address will only be used to contact you in relation to your pet service bookings with us. We may send you e.g. booking acknowledgements, invoices and booking reminders.
  • Third parties will only be used in the event of a claim, veterinary practices if your pet requires treatment, or if we need to trace the owner of a pet which has not been collected at the end of its boarding contract – see abandonment policy.
  • Your information is stored and processed on the premises of Whitley Crest Ltd.

Our database and it’s backups are encrypted to protect your information.

When contacting us via social media, whether a public or private message, any personal information you provide through these social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, are governed by the privacy policy of the company providing the platform and not Whitley Crest Ltd.

We may use messenger on Facebook as another way of contact during a pets boarding contract with us, this will only be done if you as the owner has used messenger on a previous occasion e.g. confirming bookings/deposits etc.

Facebook photos will only be taken and published upon the request and consent of you as the owner via messenger.

Whitley Crest reserves the right to revise our prices when necessary without prior notice.

Prices are per day (not night) and include insurance, food and exercise.
No discounts are given if the owner brings in their pets own food.

Facebook Photos; photos will not be taken unless we have received consent via messenger. These are taken during the team’s free time. Minimum 3 day stays qualify for photos. Surcharges will apply for daily requests.

Personal Belongings; Please feel free to bring a toy with you, however do not bring anything that is of sentimental value as toys are often lost or destroyed. We cannot be held responsible or replace or compensate for lost articles. Bedding is supplied, personal bedding is not accepted!

Please note our opening hours are strict and no admissions will be accepted outside these times. Emergency contact numbers must be available 24hrs a day, if in doubt of network coverage, we recommend you leave us a local number.

It is the responsibility of the owner to make us aware of aggressive or nervous behaviour of your pet. We cannot stress enough the importance of introducing your pet to the team before boarding to enable us to work with them to help with the transition. We offer a complimentary taster day once a booking has been confirmed with a deposit, taster days are available Tuesday – Thursday between the hours of 9.30 and 4.30. We also understand that life can be busy, if a Taster Day is not convenient then pop along during opening hours with your dog for a meet and greet. Vaccination card must be produced for both Taster Days and Meet and Greets.

We reserve the right to refuse any animal that may be a danger to our team.

Pets Sharing; Animals from the same family/household may share accommodation. This is at the owner’s risk. If there are any issues during the stay and pets have to be accommodated separately additional costs will occur.

Damages; Extreme damages to our facilities caused by pets will occur extra costs – please advise if your pet has a destructive behaviour. Boarding fees does not cover damages!

All pets must be vaccinated, current and up to date vaccination certificates must be produced upon arrival. Batch numbers and vet signatures must be visible.

Cats must be vaccinated against Feline Leukaemia (FelV) and Nobivac Tricat Trio

Dogs must be vaccinated against Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis and Leptospirosis

Kennel Cough vaccine; our establishment does not insist on the Kennel Cough vaccine, please note it does not cover all strains of the infectious bronchitis. If you choose to not to have the vaccine our insurance will be void if the virus in contracted during their stay.

IMPORTANT if you choose for your dog to have the Kennel Cough vaccine it must be administered 21 days before arrival, it is a live vaccine and your dog can be contagious and high risk of shedding the virus to other boarders regardless if vaccinated or not.

Whitley Crest Ltd will never knowingly accept a dog with Kennel Cough, but as incubation can exceed 10 days it may not be detectable upon arrival. The owner therefore accepts that this hazard exists.

Full payment; if we have to refuse your pet for boarding due to incomplete, out of date or the Kennel Cough Policy ignored then we reserve the right to charge for boarding fees as we in good faith have reserved accommodation.

Primary Vaccinations; Pets cannot enter the kennels and cattery within 14 days of vaccination if not previously vaccinated or a booster has lapsed.

Please ensure that your pet is covered by a known flea and worming treatment.

Insurance/Health; you must declare any existing or previous health conditions prior to their stay. We reserve the right to refuse any animal not fit for boarding at our discretion. No liability can be accepted for any problems, old or new such as stress or ill-health arising from their visit.

Medication must be prescribed from a registered vet in a clearly labelled packaging.

We are able to administer medication at no extra cost apart from out of hour’s medication i.e. Diabetic injections

Our insurance must only covers injury or illness that occurs directly from the stay with us, we will ask you to pay any vet fees incurred if it is determined that the illness was a long standing condition or previously known or declared.

Each Pet is insured up to £1500 whilst in our care. We will not be liable for any disease incubating or any condition existing prior to boarding. Illnesses/conditions must be reported no later than 72 hrs after departure. Our insurance cover is for a maximum of 30 days.


Vets; Registered vet – Quarry Veterinary Group, Brassey Road, Shrewsbury, SY3 7FA


Should your pet require emergency vet treatment we will use Quarry Vets unless your own registered vet operates their own emergency service and is within a reasonable travel distance.


Owners must give their authority to Whitley Crest Ltd to consult a veterinary surgeon for treatment or to obtain information to ensure pets well being.


Payment accepted by either Cash or Cheque.

Credit/Debit card payments are not accepted. No cheques are accepted under the value of £20.00

Deposits and a completed booking form is required for each stay, £30.00 per dog & £10.00 per cat.

A 50% deposit of the total costs will be required during peak seasons.

Deposits are payable via BAC Payment and must be paid within 48 hours of an accepted booking.

Deposits Only can be made by BAC 09-01-53 86703981 Ref Pets Name / Surname.

Deposits will not be transferred to another booking.

Deposits are non transferable/refundable after 8 days after a booking has been made. A cancellation of a booking within 10 days of arrival will result in the boarding fee to be paid in full.

Boarding fees must be paid in full before the animal is returned to the owner.

Refunds will not be given for early collections of the date stated on the booking form.

All days booked will be charged for.

Surcharges will apply on bank holidays,£4.00 per pet this is to cover increased staffing costs.

Surcharge will apply for pets not collected on the agreed date during peak seasons.


Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 & Animal Boarding Establishment Act 1963 Whitley Crest Ltd is required to hold certain personal data on our customers in order to care for their pets and liaise with vet practices. Under the GDPR we are required to take care of such data to keep it safe.

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