Our kennels are all under cover and consist of an indoor heated bedroom with an outside run. In addition to our main kennel, that can accommodate breeds of all sizes, we can provide separate housing for family dogs, these can also be requested for single use (price upon request), and for our smaller guests, kennels that have their own area for playtime, excellent for the smaller quieter dog that are not so confident with larger dogs. All of our boarders will have a high standard of care but please note that additional charges will have to be made for elderly guest’s that require special attention i.e. incontinence, causing staff extra time and work.

 Our guests are exercised daily and will also enjoy a play time in our securely fenced areas. Cosy fleeces are provided and favourite toys and treats are welcomed. 


For your cats

Our cattery has been built to a modern design. Each of the 15 rooms consists of a cosy heated bedroom, leading to a spacious play area with an outside view. A double chalet is available for three or more cats from the same family. Our luxury cattery is double glazed throughout, adding to your cats comfort during their stay. Cat guests enjoy daily cuddles and grooming, while listening to soft music.

  Please note that we will not board un-neutered cats. Please make sure cats arrive safely within a secure cat carrier.